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Soaping for cotton, T/C, nylon or wool

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  • Soaping for cotton, T/C, nylon or wool
Fluorescent brightener remover for cotton, nylon or wool
(1) Powerfully and speedily removes fluorescent brightener from fluorescent-dyed cotton, nylon or wool. Causes no problems such as process odor, machine oxidation or fabric yellowing - the disadvantages of treatment using sodium chlorite (NaClO2) or other chlorine. 

(2) Also effective as a machine cleaner after fluorescent brightening. Speedily breaks down fluorescent dyestuff, followed only by hot rinsing to complete the process.

Soaping agent for acid-dyed nylon and wool
(1) Produces superior wash-off properties for acid-dyed/printed materials and potently prevents redeposition and re-staining. An ideal soaping agent for the anti-white-staining of printed materials. 

(2) For particularly heavy white-staining on nylon/spandex prints or other materials, the use of Neoleve NYC-R in the first bath of an open soaper or a continuous winch will bring about further favorable results.

※ Other usage

 ●Potently prevents white-staining when used as a soaping agent for acid/reactive/direct-printed fabric.
  It is also very effective for the removal of existing stains, and
 ●as a soaping agent for yarn-dyed items, gingham and border-patterned knits.
 ●Works well for the removal of reactive-dye stains on polyester.
Screen washing agent for acid/cationic printing
(1) Powerfully dissolves and washes off acid, cationic dyestuff and printing thickener without causing damage to the screen.
De-fixing agent/Machine cleaner for the removal of cationic substances
(1) A powerful de-fixing agent for polyamine/polycationic fixing. Causes minimal deterioration in colorfastness to light.

(2) Effective as a machine cleaner after reactive dyeing. Potently anionizes tar substances, consisting of anionic dyestuff and cationic fixing agent/softener, considerably reducing the time required for machine cleaning.

(3) Also effective in anionization after the caustic reduction of polyester and for cationized cellulose.

Soaping agent for yarn-dyed fabric (gingham) and border-patterned knits
(1) Most suitable for the desizing of yarn-dyed items (gingham) with direct, reactive or acid dyestuff, and for the soaping of border-patterned knits and prints, in bringing about fine dyeing/printing results without any white-staining.
                   Border patterns
(2) Works superbly in the correction of white-stained results (stain removal).

※ Other usage

 ●T/C: Removal of reactive-dye stains on polyester

 ●T/CDP: Removal of stains by disperse type cationic dyestuff on polyester
 ●T/PU: Removal of disperse-dye stains on spandex
 ●Nylon、Wool、Nylon/Spandex: Soaping agent for acid-dyed/printed goods
Non-foaming soaping agent for reactive dyestuff
(1) Powerful soaping and superior redeposition-inhibiting properties result in shorter soaping time and improved colorfastness.

(2) Superior in durability of soaping properties. Causes no color alteration after soaping.

One-bath soaping agent for the disperse/reactive dyeing of T/C or T/R
(1) The use of this agent in the disperse/reactive dyeing of T/C or T/R obviates the need for Finishing, considerably reducing dyeing time with fewer processing stages.

(2) Disperse-dyeing → Rinsing (RC abbreviated) → Reactive-dyeing → T-JE new soaping similar colorfastness as in two-bath dyeing can be attained even in deep dyeing, due to its superior soaping properties for both disperse and reactive dyestuffs.

Other agents


Scouring/washing agent with superior degreasing properties. Particularly good in the removal of knitting oil.


Powerful deairing, defoaming and penetrating agent with resistance to both acid and alkali. Applicable in scouring, dyeing and finishing, produces superior defoaming, penetrating and leveling effects without causing trouble with oil spots.

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