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Stain removal (reactive dyestuff)
●Potently removes white-staining of reactive dyestuff and unfixed dye. 5Gconc is for general use, and SK-D for cases of further staining due to washing.

●SK-D is also effective for removal of staining due to direct or acid dyestuff. Works well in the removal of reactive dye staining in the polyester side of T/C union fabric.

●Best suited for the removal of white staining on yarn-dyed weaves, border-patterned fabric and prints.


2-3g/L (80-90°C x 10min.)
The simultaneous use of soda ash or sodium tripolyphosphate produces superior results.

Stain removal (disperse and disperse-type cationic dyestuff)
●Potently removes disperse dye staining in the spandex side of polyester/spandex. 
●Potently washes off disperse-type cationic dye in the polyester side of polyester/CDP.
1-3g/L (80°C x 10-20min)
With the addition of hydrosulfite, NaOH or soda ash
Defixing (direct/reactive dyestuff) Machine cleaning (reactive dyestuff)
●Defixing agents for polyamine、polycation-based fixing. AR has potent defixing properties and AR-H causes practically no deterioration in colorfastness to light after re-dyeing.
●AR also effective in machine cleaning after reactive dyeing and in anionic masking after alkali weight reduction.
2-3g/L (80-90°C x 10-20min)
For solitary use without any alkali.

Removal of fluorescent brightener
●Quickly and potently removes fluorescent brightener from cotton, nylon and wool. Has little odor and causes little damage to stainless machine bodies. Requires no oxalic acid treatment.
●Use also possible in decoloring of dyed yarns and fabric after fixing. The simultaneous use of Remover L makes possible simultaneous defixing and decoloring.

●The simultaneous use of Remover L produces level decoloring of indigo dyestuff. Decoloring is possible at any rate through adjustment of temperature and time.


1-2g/L (80-90°C x 10-20min)

Warm and cold rinsing required after treatment

Decoloring (disperse dyestuff)
NEOLEVE P-500new・P-525
●Decoloring and shade adjustment for disperse dyestuff. P-500new is a surfactant with a structure similar to that of a carrier. P-525 produces potent decoloring effects without giving off carrier odors or giving out any smoke due to no carrier content.
3-5g/L (130°C x 30-60min)
Machine cleaning (disperse dyestuff)
●Potent machine cleaner capable of dissolving and removing coagulated tarring of disperse dyestuff andinsoluble oligomer.
2-5g/L (130°C x 20-30min)
With the addition of hydrosulfite and NaOH
Removal of pigment staining or acrylic resin/Screen washing
●Best suited for the removal of pigment staining in dyeing machines and screen washing. Free of safety concerns unlike conventional agents, being a self-emulsifying type. Also suitable for the washing of underclothes.
●Also effective in the removal of acrylic or vinyl acetate based resin.
Undiluted or diluted several times in water
Cold rinsing required after washing
Removal of oil stains
●Potent emulsification/removal of oil stains, including knitting oils and oil spots. A high-concentration nonionic surfactant.
●Its potent emulsifying/dispersing/washing properties for oil and wax are also effective for use in scouring or desizing for improved effects.


5-10g/L (90°C x 10-20min)

With the addition of soda ash or NaOH

Screen washing (acid/cationic dyestuff)
●Smoothly removes dye stains from a screen without causing damage to the coated surface or the reinforcement coating.
Undiluted or diluted several times in water
Cold rinsing required after washing
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